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Careers in Legal Field

Law is very reputed filed to be chosen as a career:

  • A law student can be a public prosecutor, solicitor general or a part of private legal firms after gaining experience.
  • The law students can appear the exam conducted by the Public Service Commissions and get the position of Judge.
  • A good lawyer can work in ministry, government departments and various legal advice organizations.
  • There is a good prospect to work in UK and the US. The law of India is just similar to the law of UK. The firms and UK government offers the Indian students to work with them as legal concern.
  • With increasing number of corporate firms, a law student can offer services as Corporate Counselor or Legal Advisor which demand knowledge of law as the main ingredient.
  • Civil and judicial services for those who want to serve the country
  • Paralegal services, Legal Analyst, Document Drafting Lawyer who specializes in drafting various documents
  • Legal Journalist who covers crime beats or legal and arbitral proceedings
  • Apart from this, academic profession is also an option
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